12 plus
4 hours
Silfra, Þingvellir

Price per Tour (1-6 pax)

101.400 ISK


You do NOT need a certificate for this tour. Beginners enjoy as much as advanced snorklers, Only need to know how to swim.

Everybody doing our tours need to read this document (click here) and sign before tour starts.

Snorkling Silfra in wetsuits between continents in the best visibility with the best snorkel gear available! Silfra is one of the TOP snorkel places in the world. Visibility is 100+ on most days.

You are booking a private snorkel tour in Silfra. That means you and your group (max 6 ppl) can enjoy the experience together without other people.

You start by parking your car at P5 (can put thingvellir P5 parking into google map) and you walk back 300 meters to where the “DIVE” vans are.

You meet us on location at Silfra car park in Þingvellir national park. We have all gear ready for you. We get in our gear and go over the safety and some knowledge on the surroundings. You can stay in the water up to an hour with a guide and when we are done and after we have taken our gear off you can enjoy some cocoa drinks with us.
We take pictures of you in the water and they are included in the price

Freedive Iceland is the only Icelandic company offering wetsuit snorkel tours accompanied by certified freedive professionals, and we can assure you that snorkeling with us will be a memorable experience. No snorkeling experience or license is needed. Instead, we snorkel with consideration to our customers’ ability.

We will provide you with all necessary gear required for snorkeling.

LOCATION Put “thingvellir P5 parking” into google map, this is where you park your car and walk back 300m to where all dive vans are.  Our vans have “freedive Iceland” logo on the sides and are well marked.
RETURN TIME Tour takes around 4 hours from Reykjavik and back

Activity takes place in Þingvellir national park which is a UNESCO site. We recommend adding 1-2 hours after tour to do sightseeing in the area If you have your own car.  The  “Wall” in Game of thrones (GOT) is situated on site, a very beautiful waterfall among many other beautiful landmarks. After all, it´s a national park and sightseeing is well worth it.

We take photos in our tours and put on our site for you to see for 6 months at least, You have the option of buying 4k res. of all pics for 25$

WEAR Comfortable clothing.
Professional guide All snorkel gear needed
Hot cocoa afterwards Warm overcoats (dryrobes) before and after dive

Changing room to keep warm before and after dive.

If you arrive by your rental car and park at P5 parking, you need to pay for the parking of that car.
ITINERARY Meet at Silfra where all dive cars are. Go over safety and area, put on our gear and snorkel through our lovely Silfra together where you have the best visibility possible and have the best snorkel equipment possible also. All our guides are professionals and know  much about our land and culture so you can ask away.

After you have played as long as you want we get out and get a lovely cup of cocoa and take off our gear. After that you should spend some time in the park and let our history soak in. As a nice thing we have “The wall” in Game of thrones in front of us witch is a nice thing to walk through and reinact some scenes.

We will charge a cancellation fee of 100% if booking is cancelled 1 day or less before the event.
We will charge a cancellation fee of 50% if booking is cancelled 2 days or less before the event.

Additional information

Price per Tour (1-6 pax)101.400 ISK

Put “thingvellir P5 parking” into google map, this is where you park your car and walk back 300m to where all dive vans are.  Our vans have “freedive Iceland” logo on the sides and are well marked.

Please bring swimsuit and towel!

We do not need any info on height, weight and shoe size from you.

Silfra Freedive Day Tour