This tour does not have fixed dates, if it is of interest you can send us a line at [email protected] regarding dates to go.  Min 2 people.

Gullkistuvík is a small bay in the sea which we get to by a boat.  It´s the place we have the most fun on good days. It is a 20 min. boat ride from the small marina in mid Reykjavik.  At this place you have everything. Kelp forests, marine life, many crab types and a nice beach.  The viz varies and depends og many factors, but always fun. If we are lucky we see seals and other big sea creatures.  Freediving in 7mm freedive suit provides all the protection needed from the cold.

Freedive Iceland is the only Icelandic company offering freediving tours in Iceland accompanied by a certified freedive professionals and we can assure you that freediving with us will be a memorable experience. Instead of just floating on the surface as when snorkeling you will be able to freedive into the fissure. No freediving experience or license is needed. We freedive with consideration to our customers ability

We like to have fun in the water, and for that you also need to have fun.  So we have the same goal.

When all have arrived at meeting point we start loading the boat and going over safety and then we will get ready to head out. When we arrive we go into the sea as a group and you have your guide with you all the time. You can stay in the water up to two hours.  Our guides are all local people so we should be able to answer all your questions about the surroundings and/or iceland. (If not we will just make up something)

For any questions or if you would like to book this tour then please fill in the message box below.

    All gear needed and boat ride is included in this tour

    We meet at “Snarfari” harbor and head out from there

    you can put “Snarfari dock, Reykjavik” in google map to see the location