Freedive Iceland does MUCH more than freedive and snorkel tours around Iceland.

We can also do other tours in combination with freedive and snorkel tours.

It is usually very easy to make combo tours for you if you want to extend your day and still be in a very small group

We do Freedive tours and can add Secret lagoon, Cave tours Golden circle and more if that fits your day.

you could do Freedive/snorkel tour in Silfra + Golden circle + Secret lagoon + Cave tour ALL in one day or any combination of that wich fits your timeline.

Ofcause price depends on combinations but just to give you an idea we put down a list. Be adviced that in these combo tours we do MAX 6 people unless you are a bigger group together and then we give better prices.

Included in all our tours is ALL equipment needed for water and cave, all entrance fee. Only need swimsuit and towel

Snorkel + Secret Lagoon = 44.900 ISK   7-8 hours

Snorkel + Golden circle = 39.900 ISK    6-7 hours

Snorkel + Cave tour = 29.900 ISK  5-6 hours

Snorkel + Golden circle + Secret Lagoon = 54.900 ISK  8-9 hours

Snorkel + Golden circle + Secret lagoon + Cave tour = 64.900 ISK  10-12 hours

If you prefer Freedive to snorkel then you can add 10.000 ISK to the price

If you are interested in our combo tours or have other requests please contact [email protected] for more info