Silfra is one of the top freedive sites in the world and situated in Thingvellir (A UNESCO world heritage site). It is only about 50 km from Reykjavik. Silfra is a freswater volcanic fissure about 60 meters deep with 100+ vizibility. The water is so clear that freediving in it feels like flying.  Freediving in 7mm freedive suit provides all the protection needed from the cold.

Freedive Iceland is the only Icelandic company offering freediving tours in Silfra accompanied by a certified freedive professionals and we can assure you that freediving with us will be a memorable experience. Instead of just floating heavily on the surface as when snorkeling you will be able to freedive into the fissure. No freediving experience or license is needed. We freedive with consideration to our customers ability

Before we enter the water all parties have to read and sign this form here: Silfra freedive tour

For those taking part in our tours and are over +65 years young. Silfra-Freedive/Snorkeling-Medical-Statement-and-Physicians-Approval-Form


We like to have fun in the water, and for that you also need to have fun.  So we have the same goal.

START TIME Please arrive by 9:30 AM. (10:30 AM from 1. nov. until 31. march)
END TIME Approximately 12:30 PM. (13:30 PM from 1. nov. until 31. march)
WEAR Comfortable warm clothing.
Professional guide All freedive gear needed
Hot cocoa after freedive Entrance fee to Silfra

When all have arrived at meeting point we start by going over safety and then we will get ready and put on most of our gear and walk three minutes to Silfra. In the water we go through Silfra as a group and you have your guide with you all the time. There is no time limit on how long you can stay in the water.  Our guides are all local people so we should be able to answer all your questions about the surroundings and/or iceland. (If not we will just make up something)


8.30 AM – 09.30 AM: Drive to Silfra

You driving to Silfra (If not asked for pickup)
  • If pickup, then we arrive at your hotel at 8:30 AM (9:30 from 1.nov until 31 march)
  • It will take you around an hour to drive to Silfra site so have that in mind.
  • If you are at another location please be sure to find out how long the drive is.

09.30 AM – 10.30 PM: Getting ready and info time

When we are ready we drive from the info center to Silfra site (3 min drive) Depending on many factors (Mostly how much the guide talks) it can take up to an hour getting into the freedive gear and go over safety and more

10.30 AM - 11.30 AM: The freedive itself

We go into Silfra together and have some fun. How long we are in the water only depends on you guys

11.30 AM - 12.30 PM: Last but not least

Go back to our meeting point and go out of our freedive gear.  At this point you will hopefully have the BEST cocoa of your life.

12.30 AM - 13.30 PM: Drive back to reykjavik


If you do not require pick up, the meeting point is Silfra car park in Thingvellir National Park. Please park your car at “Thingvellir P5” and walk 400m back along the road until you reach a smaller car park with all the snorkel and dive vans. Look for your Freedive Iceland guide wich are usually dressed in orange. We also have an orange tent. (Can also ask any guide there, we all know each other) Please be there, ready to meet your guide 5-10 minutes before your tour is due to begin.

For GPS where you park your car: 64°15’20.38″N  21°7’27.75″W

GPS where we meet: 64°15’23.04″N  21°6’59.51″W

For us to provide you with the best fit of equipment on our tours

we will need little info from you:

We need to know your Height, your weight and your shoesize!

Also! If you are asking for pickup in the Reykjavik area we need to know where you are staying.

So, when you are making the order you can put this info into the “additional information” box which will appear as soon as you hit “Book now” button