Rent gear


We at Freedive Iceland also rent out gear to certified freedivers!

We have all things needed for freedivers/snorkelers so you don´t need to bring anything with you.

ATT: We do NOT rent out freedive/snorkel gear for Silfra:

Silfra is a place with swimthroughs, caves, caverns and currents.

This is the only place where you should always get a guided tour for safety.

Freedive equipment

One day

Extra days

Freedive mask & snorkel 1000 ISK 500 ISK
Wetsuit (with hood) 5000 ISK 2500 ISK
Weightbelts & weights 2000 ISK 1000 ISK
Neoprene gloves 1000 ISK 500 ISK
Neoprene socks 1000 ISK 500 ISK
Freedive fins (not carbon) 2000 ISK 1000 ISK
All above equipment 7900 ISK 5000 ISK
Buoy, line, plate & weights 3000 ISK 1500 ISK
Hawaiian sling for hunting 3000 ISK 1500 ISK

If you are interested in renting any gear, please send us email at [email protected] , give us a call at +354 8597220 or send us a message in the message box blow.