We are located in the small village of Arskógssandur about 100m away from the sea. We are about 30m from Akureyri, which itself is just 45m from, Kevlavik and Reykjavik, by plane.

At the heart of all of our tours is a respect for the environment. We want to give you an interaction and not just a voyeuristic experience. We keep up to date with best practice recommendations on responsible whale-human interactions and work with knowledgeable partners where we can. The comfort of the whales is our number one priority so we can’t guarantee you a close encounter although we always try our best. Of course, they are wild animals so I’m sure you understand that we cannot control their behavior. We keep a detailed log of our interactions which we hope will contribute to mans’ knowledge of this majestic species.

Tristan started working at sea from a young age in Brittany as an engineer and on deck. He has a ships captain certificate. He also trained in maritime rescue operations and firefighting. He would spend his time before moving to Iceland, rebuilding broken down sailboats (whilst living on one, obviously) and traveling. His passions include diving, which he started here in Iceland, Judo, cooking, traditional sailing.

Don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected]

And if you don’t know where to stay, we have some glassed roof dome cabins (opened on the 15th of June), from which you can enjoy the midnight sun and northern lights in winter from the comfort of your bed.