Fairytale at sea is a tourist company in Ólafsfjörður and is aiming on short and medium tours on jetskis where the main goal is sightseeing and the raw nature around Ólafsfjörður and surroundings.  Our trips are two to three hours. On each tours.  we take max 7 people on each trip.  At all times there are guides on the tour

We use four new Yamaha waverunner jetskis which have seats for two.  You will get drysuit, inner suit, shoes, gloves, socks, helmets with VHF for every driver and life wests.

Att. This tour is not a whale watching tour but if we see them then ofcause we will look closer 🙂

Local harbour, Ólafsfjörður (Base of Fairytale)
END TIME Please arrive atleast 15 minutes before start
WEAR Comfortable warm clothing.
All gear to keep you dry All safety equipment
Transportation to harbor
Towels afterwards

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Part 1: Going over how to

First we go over safety together.
  • You will get all info on safety beforehand
  • This means you know what to do just in case

Part 2. Putting on drysuit

Getting dressed and ready
  • Drysuit and undersuit for all, shoes and gloves
  • Helmets with radio

Part 3. Going over safety in the water

  • Before tour you practice getting on the jetskies in the water

Part 4. The tour

We go out to sea/lake and have some fun
  • Where we go depends on conditions
  • Don´t worry, this is done in a relaxed environment.