Freediving foodhunt

Freediving foodhunt is a very exciting and rewarding, although it is not something to be entered into without care and respect.

Learn to hunt for food and discover the vast array of foods you can gather from the ocean.

this course will give you an hour of breathhold training followed by few hours novice foodhunt training (depending on weather conditions) the course will cover basic equipment, diving, finding a suitable hunting ground, hunting, dispatching your catch.

Spearguns are not allowed in iceland so that is not an option. But no worries we use pole spears or “hawaiian slings” which is better because we can come very close to the pray.

DEPARTURE/RETURN LOCATION Reykjavik, this tour is with pickup from your location
DEPARTURE TIME Please be ready at 8:30 AM (9:30 from 1. oct until 31. march)
RETURN TIME Approximately 16:30 PM.
WEAR Comfortable clothing.
Professional Guide Freedive gear
Transportation Hunting equipment

8:30 Pickup

We can pick you up from anyplace in great Reykjavik area
  • Doesn´t matter if it´s a hotel or airbnb. Just send us info on where!

Drive to our hunting spot

How much time goes into that depends on where we go,,,, and that depends on how conditions are….and that depends on weather…You´re getting the picture 🙂

Start finding food

Get into the gear and go out. Because we are doing a full day hunting fish and finding food we have a small break here and there depending on you. Also sometimes we find more spots to explore

The rest

When we are on the spot we go over what is needed and how it is done, get in the gear, go out and have some fun for up to 2 hours. After that we get on land again and take care of the catch and get dressed into normal cloaths and drive back to your hotel Mabe we stop for an icecream on the way,,, if you are lucky 🙂

For us to provide you with the best fit of equipment on our tours

we will need little info from you:

We need to know your Height, your weight and your shoesize!

Also! If you are asking for pickup in the Reykjavik area we need to know where you are staying.

So, when you are making the order you can put this info into the “additional information” box which will appear as soon as you hit “Book now” button