Arnarnesstrýtan freediving

Geothermal vent freediving Half a day Arnarnesstrýtur is a protected area full of
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Við hjá Freedive Iceland leigjum út allan búnað til fríköfunar! Sendið bara póst
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Freedive Bjarnagjá

Bjarnagjá is one of the special places for freediving in Iceland which are
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Freedive Davíðsgjá

Davíðsgjá is one of the best freedive sites in Iceland and situated in Thingvellir (A
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Freedive Gullkistuvík

Gullkistuvík is a small bay in the sea which we get to by
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Freedive safari

Freediving safari around “The pearl of Eyafjordur” 1 full day : A unique
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Freedive Silfra

Silfra is one of the top freedive sites in the world and situated
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One size fits all hats in few colours with the Freedive Iceland Logo